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Audio Information
About Our Music Samples
Our music samples are provided in MP3 audio format and most are approximately 20 seconds in length. We have provided these music samples so you can get a feeling for the quality of the performances on the various Apprentice Music compact discs.

Please Note: Any reproduction, publication, further distribution, or public exhibition of music samples provided on this site, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.
How To Play Our Music Samples
On the track listing page for each of our compact discs, you will find the links to our music samples. Simply click the "Listen" link next to the track you want to hear. Your media player should launch itself automatically and once it is running and the audio file has downloaded, the sample should begin playing.

What You Need To Hear MP3 Audio Samples
You need to have a media player installed on you computer in order to listen to MP3 audio samples. Three of the most popular media players are Windows Media Player, RealOne, and Quicktime. The current version of any of these media players can play MP3 audio. If you do not have a media player installed, you can go to any of the media player web sites to download and install their media player (follow the directions provided at the player's download site). Note: Make sure your media player is configured to play MP3 audio files.

What To Do If You Have Trouble Playing Our Music Samples
If you are experiencing difficulties while trying to listen to our music samples, you may need to adjust you system's sound configuration or update you sound card drivers.

If you don't hear any sound, here are some simple things to check:

  • Are your speakers connected (the cable to the computer may have become disconnected)?
  • If your speakers are powered, are they plugged in and turned on?
  • If your speakers have a volume adjustment, is it adjusted to an appropriate level?
  • Is your computer's volume level set at an appropriate level?
  • Is your computer's Mute feature disengaged?
  • Does your computer have a media player installed?
  • Is your media player's volume level set at an appropriate level?
  • Does your computer have sound capability (either built-in or through an installed sound card)?
If you still don't hear any sound or you are experiencing sound quality problems, you should check the troubleshooting section of your media player's web site. Sound quality problems are sometimes the result of heavy network traffic, in which case you may want to try listening to the music samples again at a later time. If you continue to experience difficulties, your sound card driver may need updating. Contact your sound card's manufacturer for information on installing the latest drivers.

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