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Chromatic Violin
Listen to music samples from this CD$9.99

Chromatic Violin
Violin drones for improving intonation

All you need to improve your intonation is the Chromatic Violin and a CD player. Never again buy expensive, battery munching tuning machines. Tuning to another violin is vastly easier than tuning to an artificial sound from a synthesizer.

What's On The Compact Disc
The Chromatic Violin CD contains 5-minute single note drones of all 12 chromatic notes played on the violin in mid range. Each violin drone is calibrated to a 440 A and played on a violin without vibrato. The disc also includes two open strings tuning tracks. See Track Listing for full details.

How To Use The Chromatic Violin
The violin drones can be used while practicing scales and repertoire. Students can easily learn how to tune their open strings with the tuning track and to tune intervals with the violin drones. See Using the Chromatic Violin for more details.

How The Chromatic Violin Will Help You
Practicing with a drone will prevent drifting sharp or flat in a scale or piece of music and will aid in choosing the best possible versions of each note. Tuning to sound will improve your pitch much better and quicker than using a needle or other sight-related tuner.

Benefits of the Chromatic Violin:

  • Teaches intervals - students learn to choose the best version of each note in combination with the violin drone
  • Trains students to tune their instrument
  • The violin drone tethers players to its pitch, training them not to drift high or low
  • Replaces expensive electronic tone generators, which have an unnatural sound
  • Gives treble cleff instrumentalists the means to practice tuning to a lower instrument

Disc Information:

  • 13 Tracks - See Track Listing for full details. Listen to music samples from this CD
  • 62:12 Total Playing Time

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