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Chromatic Cello - Track Listing
Chromatic Cello - Cello drones for improving intonation Cello Drones for Improving Intonation
The Chromatic Cello CD contains 5-minute single note drones of all 12 chromatic notes played on the cello in mid range. Each cello drone is calibrated to a 440 A and played on a cello without vibrato. The disc also includes an open strings tuning track. Below you will find the complete track listing for this compact disc.

You can listen to MP3 format audio samples of some of the tracks from this disc. Those tracks that have samples available for you to listen to are indicated by the word 'Listen' under the MP3 column. Just click on the 'Listen' link to hear the sample. See our Audio Information page for media player links and other helpful information.



1. A-D-G-C open strings tuning check 1:06 Listen
2. C 5:00
3. C sharp / D flat 5:00
4. D 5:00
5. D sharp / E flat 5:00
6. E 5:00
7. F 5:00
8. F sharp / G flat 5:00
9. G 5:00 Listen
10. G sharp / A flat 5:00
11. A 5:00
12. A sharp / B flat 5:00
13. B 5:00

Total Playing Time: 61:06