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Elementary Cello Volume 2 - Track Listing
Elementary Cello Volume 2 The Elementary Cello Volume 2 CD contains elementary level student cello literature composed in first position. Each track is a complete performance that includes both cello and piano. Below you will find the complete track listing for this compact disc.

You can listen to MP3 format audio samples of some of the tracks from this disc. Those tracks that have samples available for you to listen to are indicated by the word 'Listen' under the MP3 column. Just click on the 'Listen' link to hear the sample. See our Audio Information page for media player links and other helpful information.



Concertino No. 4 in first position
Jean-Baptiste Bréval (Publisher: Delrieu, Arranger: Ruyssen)
1. I. Allegro 2:16
2. II. Andante 0:57
3. III. Finale 1:11

from The Petite Morceaux
4. At Twilight 3:25
5. At Morn 2:50
6. In Dreamland 1:57 Listen
7. Fairy Tales 2:29

W. H. Squire (Publisher: Carl Fischer)

Two Minuets
Georg Böhm and Willem de Fesch (Publisher: Schott)

Neopolitan Dance
Nino Marcelli (Publisher: The Boston Music Co.)

Gavotte in G
Gregory Aller (Publisher: Rubank)

In aller Frühe (In early morning)
Alexander Gretchaninoff (Publisher: Schott)
11. I. Morning Stroll 1:08
12. II. Homesickness 1:04
13. III. The Joker 1:00
14. IV. Twilight 1:23
15. V. Little Horseman 1:15
16. VI. On Winter's Eve 1:32 Listen
17. VII. Burlesque 1:08
18. VIII. In a Fortress 1:23
19. IX. Thieves and Policeman 0:53
20. X. Waltz 1:44

Introduction and Dance
A. Louis Scarmolin (Publisher: Ludwig Music)

Celebrated Gavotte
Martini / Forrest L. Buchtel (Publisher: Neil A. Kjos)

Cathedral City
John Graves (Publisher: Schott - Schott Cello Series #8)

23. I. The Swans Glide on the Bishop's Palace Moat 1:42
24. II. In the Cathedral 1:58
25. III. It is Market Day in the Square 2:30

Mountain Scenes
William Alwyn (Publisher: Schott - Schott Cello Series #6)

26. I. In the Canoe 1:45
27. II. Emerald Lake 2:49
28. III. On the Trail 1:33 Listen

Drei leichte Stücke (Three Easy Pieces)
Paul Hindemith (Publisher: B. Schott's Söhne)

29. I. Mässig schnell, munter 1:33 Listen
30. II. Langsam 3:05
31. III. Lebhaft 2:15

Total Playing Time: 59:51